Components of a Strategic Plan

Mission: Why do you need a Mission Statement?

– Establishes the general direction the company intends to take.

– Details what your company does and explains to people outside of your company why your business exists.

– Your mission statement drives the company.

– It is what you do/the core of the business, and from it come the objectives and finally, what it takes to reach those objectives. It also shapes your company’s culture.

Vision: Why do you need a Vision Statement?

– A general condition that we want to exist in the future – not specific but can be detailed – concretely defined span a shorter time period.

– Describes the direction your company is headed in and what your company stands for and aims to be.

– Your vision statement gives the company direction.

– It is the future of the business, which then provides the purpose.

– The vision statement is about what you want to become. It’s aspirational.

Primary Target market. The focus of your sales and marketing efforts.

– This is your main consuming group. The most important purchasers and users of your product – the mainstay of your business.

Positioning / Differentiators: Why should your prospects buy from you?

– By positioning, you create an image in the minds of the target market, establishing the desired perception of your product/service relative to the competition.

Objectives: Are what you want to accomplish: An objective has three characteristics:

– It is specific – should focus on one singular goal.

– It is measurable – the results must be quantified.

– It has a specific time period – should take no longer than one year to complete.

Strategies: How to achieve your objectives:

– Strategy is how to achieve an objective, goal (or even a mission). It is a thoughtfully constructed plan or method or action that will be employed to achieve the result. They are how you will accomplish your objectives.

Tactics – Your deliverables – it is what you do to solve your customers problems.

– Tactics are devices or actions taken to achieve a larger purpose. They are also a what, not a how, but they are on a smaller scale than an execution.

Execution: The key to successfully implementing your plan.

– Where the rubber meets the road. Executions are what is done to deliver on or coordinate a strategy. They are definitely a what, not a how.

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