Guiding Motivated, Growth Oriented Businesses To The Pinnacle of Achievement

Sales Training

Helping Businesses Increase Sales Exponentially

Guiding Motivated, Growth Oriented Businesses To The Pinnacle of Achievement


Bridging the communication gap – understanding yourself to understand others.

Find the
Missing Piece

At Top Sales Success, we don’t believe in using a “cookie cutter” approach to solve your problems. Our programs are custom tailored to fit your business.

Plan Your Direction
Implement for Success

Like a rudder on a ship, a strategic plan developed by TSS establishes the direction for your business.

Sales Training

Customers change, competitors change, technologies change, demographics change – how can we continue to sell and still succeed?


Strategic planning, new product development and communication strategy are ways TSS helps optimize your marketing.


Improve hiring and selection, increase sales, improve customer service and more with accurate and quality assessments.

The Pinnacle
of Achievement

Chief Executives and sales leaders turn to Top Sales Success Group when they are ready to take their team to the next level. At Top Sales Success, we can…

  • Boost sales results.
  • Implement an effective sales improvement program to solve an array of problems.
  • Bolster effectiveness and productivity of your team as a whole.
  • Provide a custom designed sales solution that is tailored to your company and your team. My clients do not sell “widgets” and neither do Top Sales Success Clients.
  • Help create a team of expert sales hunters who consistently level-up their sales performance.
  • Guide you out of a rut by offering fresh ideas to develop new business.

At Top Sales Success, we provide sales coaching and sales leadership training to sales teams as well as senior executives and managers. The training programs that we deliver are custom-designed and tailored specifically to the culture, products, marketing, and operations for the company of each and every client. Our trainers understand the daily challenges of each industry, and create solutions to the specific problems that a company is experiencing; we don’t operate on theories or hypothetical situations.

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We get to know your business so we can tailor a solution to your specific needs.
  1. We align the development program to the specifics of your company including the culture, products, marketing, and operations.
  2. We don’t plug in a readymade solution or sell you on the latest fad to solve problems that might not even exist. We solve your problems, with custom-made solutions.
  3. Our process is intuitive, focused, and can be implemented effectively by team leaders.
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Qualities and attributes that define a sales professional – how do you compare?
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“Top Sales Strategies: Listening vs. Understanding vs. Hearing – Unleashing the Power of Active Communication”
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“Top Sales Words To Avoid In Your Sales Presentation”
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Great Clients Awesome Reviews

I have had the good fortune to work with Tony both as a vendor and reporting to him as a Regional Sales Manager in my career.  Tony is a tough but fair negotiator looking for the Win – Win in putting a deal together.  As a leader, he creates the atmosphere for the team to succeed. Continuously teaching, looking for solutions, and challenging his team to exceed expectations.  As he states, TSS is not a solution looking for a problem – his process of: Investigate – Analyze – Respond – Execute – is an intuitive process that allows you to keep an open mind during the process focusing on uncovering the right solution to the problem. I proudly recommend utilizing Tony’s new venture, Top Sales Success to develop your sales team and to increase your sales.

Brian M. CDT

Area Sales Manager

I was looking to grow my business but did not have a sales system in place that could
produce effective results consistently. Tony gave me a power statement, sales ideas, and
trained me to learn how to close better and learn more during discovery. I was frustrated with my lack of understanding sales in general and not being able to consistently produce results. Tony really cares about my success and goes above and beyond to make sure I understand the tactics. He even follows up with me and celebrates the successes I have as if they were his own. When I spent more time in discovery with a very large client and didn’t rush the process. I ultimately closed a big deal and wouldn’t have done it that way without Tony’s guidance and may have lost the opportunity. I have a much better sales process and my organization is growing to the point that I need to hire more people. I am confident in my ability to sell and have more prospects than I know what to do with!

Alex Zinni

Owner - Alpha Key Digital

Tony has made a major impact in my career.  He hired me as a Territory Sales Manager and through his guidance and mentoring, I was promoted to Regional Sales Manager managing a multi-million-dollar region.  Tony is a DISC Certified Practitioner.  He suggested for my personal development, to take the DISC profile assessment so that I can better understand how I see the world. My goodness, the assessment hit me right on the head.  The DISC assessment behavioral style identified me as a “Planner”: “Planners blend well with most others, are considerate, helpful and patient. Will build a solid relationship with a limited number of associates. Does not like “fire drills.” Will be good at contributing to projects and activities.”  The assessment has helped me in understanding how to more effectively work with others with different behavioral styles.  How to effectively lead a sales team and interact with key customers.  Tony reviewed the 50-page schematic of “how I am wired” so that I can implement the Platinum rule: “Treating others the way THEY want to be treated.”  I highly recommend Tony’s Top Sales Success Group to any company that wants to take the next step in their development.

Brian S.

Regional Sales Manager

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tony for over 20 years as both a mentor and a dear friend.  As an entrepreneur, I like to go it alone to work through problems and find solutions.  When I met Tony and got to know and trust him, I began to rely on him as a sounding board, seeking advice and insights.  His process-oriented approach to solving problems both big and small has helped me build a substantial Insurance and investment company.  Tony is a person of integrity and has vast experience and knowledge of sales and strategic planning.  I highly recommend Tony’s Top Sales Success Group to any organization that is looking for easy to implement, custom solutions to problems resulting in increased sales and profits.

Steve W.

President at Beacon Associates

Starting a new job, I thought I knew enough about sales but needed to learn a lot more to effectively make the organization more sales. Taking what I had learned in previous jobs and realizing it wasn’t the best tactics to communicate with potential clients and allowing myself to learn from someone that is an expert set me apart. Tony really cares about our success, large or small. I realized his services were working when clients that I didn’t have rapport with were signing on and my sales skills increased. I feel like I can go into any situation and know that I have a good opportunity to make a sale and can leave feeling confident. Sales are increasing and coming easier than I used to. Company is growing thanks to Tony’s services

Tyler Wetzel

Director of Business Development – Alpha Key Digital


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We deliver custom-designed programs tailored specifically to the culture, products, marketing, and operations for the company of each and every client.

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