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Successful marketing requires a defined process.

Strategic Planning

Why strategic planning? Think of strategic planning as the rudder on a ship. Without the rudder, the ship has no direction. Like a rudder on a ship, a strategic plan establishes the direction for your business. It will help your organization to sharpen its focus, establishing the “how” to accomplish your objectives. The end result will provide focus to your organization.

Strategic Planning

New Product Development

Two major hurdles to overcome when marketing a new product:

  1. It is expensive to introduce – initial development and marketing costs are high.
  2. There is a high failure rate – ranging from 30% to 93%.

Despite risks, management, in order to continue the growth of sales and profits must develop new products. A Harvard Business Review article, Why Product Launches Fail, written by Joan Schnieder and Julie Hall states, “The biggest problem we’ve encountered is lack of preparation: Companies are so focused on designing and manufacturing new products that they postpone the hard work of getting ready to market them until too late in the game.”

To be successful in new product development and commercialization, the organization needs a defined process that must be implemented in a disciplined, methodical way. TSS can provide that process.

Communication strategy

An effective communication strategy begins with a thorough understanding of the buying process. Once the buying process is studied in detail, the next step is to analyze the tools that your organization utilizes in communicating your product features, benefits and advantages at the proper stage in the buying process; effectively aligning the right “tool” at each point of the buying process.

TSS analyzes your current strategy to see what is working and what is not. Then aligning the buying process with the communication tools with the budget. The result will be an effective, focused communication plan that will enable your organization to invest in specific parts of the buying process – more efficiently leveraging your financial resources and achieving your objectives.

Putting Together
A Marketing Plan


It is an arranged structure to guide the process of determining the target market for your product or service, detailing the target markets needs and wants better than the competition.


Is a sequential, step by step, interlocking decision and action process which allows you to define issues, answer questions correctly and make decisions. Each step is broken down into ordered minor steps to provide a clear and focused road map.


There are two major components:

    • First: Marketing background. This includes the business review (situation analysis) and the problems and opportunities section.
    • Second: The Marketing Plan itself. This is developed from the information gathered and analyzed from the marketing background segment. It begins with sales objectives and ends with a budget and marketing calendar of marketing activities to realize the sales objectives.

Once the plan is prepared it must be executed (implemented) and evaluated.

Evaluation becomes a major part of the background section in the preparation of next year’s plan.

Marketing Background

Step One: Business Review / Situation Analysis

  • Company and Product Review
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Sales and Market share analysis
  • Product Awareness and Attributes
  • Purchase Rates and Buying Habits
  • Distribution / Penetration
  • Pricing
  • Comparative Competitive Analysis
  • Demand Analysis

Step Two: Problems / Opportunities

Marketing Plan

Step Three: Sales Objective

Step Four: Target Market

Step Five: Marketing Objectives and Strategies

Step Six: Positioning Strategy

Step Seven: Marketing Mix Implementation Tools:

  • Product / Service
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • Personal Selling / Operations
  • Promotion
  • Advertising Message
  • Advertising Media
  • Merchandising
  • Publicity

Step Eight: Marketing Plan Budget and Calendar

Step Nine: Execution / Implementation

Step Ten: Evaluation

Man Playing Chess

Components of a Successful Plan


An objective has three attributes:
- It is achievable -
- It has a time frame -
- It is specific -


A strategy is a way to achieve an objective, goal, or mission. It is a thoughtfully constructed plan, method, or action that will be employed to achieve the result. It is HOW the objectives will be accomplished.


Tactics are devices or actions taken to achieve a larger purpose. They are the smaller, purposeful steps taken on the path of executing the plan.


The execution stage of implementation is what is done to deliver on or coordinate a strategy. This is WHAT we do!

Great Clients Awesome Reviews

I have had the good fortune to work with Tony both as a vendor and reporting to him as a Regional Sales Manager in my career.  Tony is a tough but fair negotiator looking for the Win – Win in putting a deal together.  As a leader, he creates the atmosphere for the team to succeed. Continuously teaching, looking for solutions, and challenging his team to exceed expectations.  As he states, TSS is not a solution looking for a problem – his process of: Investigate – Analyze – Respond – Execute – is an intuitive process that allows you to keep an open mind during the process focusing on uncovering the right solution to the problem. I proudly recommend utilizing Tony’s new venture, Top Sales Success to develop your sales team and to increase your sales.

Brian M. CDT

Area Sales Manager

Tony has made a major impact in my career.  He hired me as a Territory Sales Manager and through his guidance and mentoring, I was promoted to Regional Sales Manager managing a multi-million-dollar region.  Tony is a DISC Certified Practitioner.  He suggested for my personal development, to take the DISC profile assessment so that I can better understand how I see the world. My goodness, the assessment hit me right on the head.  The DISC assessment behavioral style identified me as a “Planner”: “Planners blend well with most others, are considerate, helpful and patient. Will build a solid relationship with a limited number of associates. Does not like “fire drills.” Will be good at contributing to projects and activities.”  The assessment has helped me in understanding how to more effectively work with others with different behavioral styles.  How to effectively lead a sales team and interact with key customers.  Tony reviewed the 50-page schematic of “how I am wired” so that I can implement the Platinum rule: “Treating others the way THEY want to be treated.”  I highly recommend Tony’s Top Sales Success Group to any company that wants to take the next step in their development.

Brian S.

Regional Sales Manager

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tony for over 20 years as both a mentor and a dear friend.  As an entrepreneur, I like to go it alone to work through problems and find solutions.  When I met Tony and got to know and trust him, I began to rely on him as a sounding board, seeking advice and insights.  His process-oriented approach to solving problems both big and small has helped me build a substantial Insurance and investment company.  Tony is a person of integrity and has vast experience and knowledge of sales and strategic planning.  I highly recommend Tony’s Top Sales Success Group to any organization that is looking for easy to implement, custom solutions to problems resulting in increased sales and profits.

Steve W.

President at Beacon Associates


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