“Top Sales Words To Avoid In Your Sales Presentation”

Words wield immense power in shaping perceptions and driving decisions. In the realm of sales, your choice of words can determine whether you clinch a deal or get relegated to the unread emails folder.

So, which words should you steer clear of in your sales pitch and why? In this article, we’ll unveil a compilation of 25 words to avoid in your sales presentation and offer alternative phrasings to help you close more deals.

  1. Honestly
    • Avoid overtly emphasizing honesty; it can inadvertently cast doubt. Instead, employ phrases like “From my experience…” or eliminate qualifiers for a more direct and trustworthy approach.
  2. Contract
    • Refrain from focusing solely on the contract; it may depersonalize the relationship. Opt for terms like “partnering with us” or “working together” to highlight the collaborative aspect.
  3. Buy
    • Eschew terms like “buy” or “purchase” that sound pushy. Favor “invest in” to emphasize the value of the acquisition.
  4. Problem
    • Replace “problem” with “challenges” to shift the narrative towards overcoming obstacles together.
  5. Prospects
    • Address your leads as “future clients” to underscore your commitment to their needs.
  6. Hope
    • Swap “hope” with more assertive expressions like “I’m confident that…” to instill trust and confidence.
  7. Don’t
    • Avoid negatives; frame limitations as opportunities or possibilities.
  8. Obviously
    • Steer clear of “obviously,” as it can come off as condescending. Use phrases like “To summarize,” or “Here’s the takeaway…” for clarity.
  9. Quota
    • Refrain from using “quota” to prevent conveying a focus solely on numbers rather than solving challenges.
  10. Maybe
    • Project confidence by eliminating “maybe” from your vocabulary.
  11. Cheap
    • Eschew “cheap” and instead highlight the value and uniqueness of your offering with terms like “a better investment,” “premium,” or “deluxe.”
  12. Best Quality
    • Avoid superlatives; focus on your product’s uniqueness and benefits, using phrases like “We specialize in…” or “We’re known for our…”
  13. Perhaps
    • Replace “perhaps” with confident language such as “I recommend,” “Let’s plan for,” or “The next step is…”
  1. Guarantee
    • Exercise caution with “guarantee” to protect your reputation. Use “assure” or “warranty” judiciously.
  2. Discount
    • Reframe discounts as “special rates,” “contract bonuses,” or “limited-time offers” to emphasize value.
  3. Competitor
    • Avoid initiating discussions about competitors; instead, emphasize your unique qualities.
  4. Price
    • Downplay “price” in favor of “investment,” emphasizing the value of your solution.
  5. Complain
    • Stay positive; share lessons learned and process improvements rather than complaining about past experiences.
  6. Objections
    • Replace “objections” with “areas of concern” to foster productive discussions.
  7. Sign or Signature
    • Request “approval” rather than a “signature” to soften the transactional aspect.
  8. Decision Maker
    • Avoid putting prospects on the spot; inquire about involvement levels with phrases like “Is there anyone else you need to involve?”
  9. Pitch
    • Substitute “pitch” with “solution recommendation” or “partnership strategy” for a less pushy connotation.
  10. Customers
    • While referencing existing clients, focus on how your product aids prospects in achieving their goals, referring to them as “our current partners,” “satisfied users,” or “our clients.”
  11. Advice
    • Tailor your approach to the prospect’s needs; offer “recommendations,” “perspectives,” or share experiences for a more consultative style.

In conclusion, avoiding these words in your solution recommendation will enhance your perceived confidence, authority, and commitment as a partner in achieving the prospect’s objectives. Remember, your choice of words significantly influences how your sales pitch is received, so choose wisely.


Tony Picciano is the founder of Top Sales Success Group. TSS is the result of the unique experience and lifelong ambition of Tony. For over forty years, Tony has worked in sales and sales management with a wide range of businesses from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Tony is not only a sales expert, but also a marketing practitioner with expertise in strategic planning, new product development, new business launches, and collateral material development.

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