The Moment of Truth – Effective Communication





  • 90-minute workshop for your team with a DISC Certified Practitioner
  • You spent a small fortune on lead generation and a prospect is reaching out to your Customer Service Rep – what kind of experience will that prospect have? 
  • People can sense when a person’s greeting is genuine and sincere. A famous quote states “Who you are speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say.” 
  • Make your last impressions as impressive as your first impression. People go where they are appreciated – where they feel welcomed and valued and return when they are invited back. Always take time to ensure that customers and associates feel they had a special experience with you.
  • COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY THROUGHOUT THE SERVICE PROCESS According to Integrity Solutions® of Nashville, TN, there are six definable steps to the customer service process – Greet, Value, Ask, Listen, Help, and Invite. 
    • Successfully guiding customers through each step leads to positive outcomes.
    • According to recent studies, people make ten or more decisions about us in the first few seconds of contact. 
  • DISC is designed to be a simple, practical, and applicable tool for building mutually-beneficial and effective communication. 
  • Understanding observable behavior and emotion is the foundation of self-awareness and connecting with others in a way that allows us to be intentional in our interactions, adapting to what is needed in any environment, situation, or relationship. 
  • While DISC is useful in any circumstance or relationship, it may be helpful to have a deeper understanding of how to apply DISC in targeted situations or scenarios. 
  • Through the step by-step style guidance provided, you can immediately leverage the DISC information to find the most appropriate and effective communication strategies based on your particular focus area or purpose. 


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