Sales IQ Plus – A Sales Skills Test (16 to 30 Reports)


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  • Measure all 8 primary sales competencies: Connecting / Solving / Targeting / Preparing / Assessing / Assuring / Confirming / Managing
  • The Sales IQ Assessment is an objective analysis designed as a personalized map of your sales knowledge at this moment in time. 
  • It tells you where you are. 
  • It tells you why you are there – and it tells you where to go. 
  • This is not an assessment of your intelligence, except as it relates to selling. 
  • However, sales intelligence can be increased through learning. 
  • There will be 48 actual sales scenarios with a “best−to−worst” scorecard. 
  • Your results are included in this exclusive Sales IQ Assessment report and those results come complete with all the “why (rationale)” answers. 
  • A personalized assessment and 48 mini sales lessons? WOW! 
    • You get a score on each of the eight stages of the sales process. 
    • You get to measure your score against all salespeople, regardless of how and what you sell. 
    • You get to see all the answers to your questions. 
    • You get to Discover how much your answers agree with the expert opinions.
  • Sales Managers:
    • Most importantly… How well, or how poorly, you score on this Sales IQ Assessment can also tell you how to customize your sales training rather than using a one-size-fits-all program.
      • Focus your sales training and coaching on strengthening your strong points and finding strategies and resources for your weak points. Your “score” is not important; your sales improvement is.
  • Sales IQ Plus Sample Report
  • Sales IQ Plus Sample Team Report

Sales IQ Team Report – After your sales team takes the Sales IQ test – this is a summary report of your team

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