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DISC – Identify Behavioral Styles – View results immediately – Report Options:

  • DISC Self / DISC Coaching / DISC Leadership / DISC Relationships / DISC Sales / DISC Service
  • A person’s behavior is often the strongest predictor of fit; whether that be within a particular job, as the member of a team or as the leader of an organization.

DISC Self 360° How Do Others See You?

  • With this personalized and comprehensive report, DISC gives you tools to help you become a better you – to develop and use more of your natural strengths while recognizing, improving upon, and modifying your limitations.

Motivators – Identify Motivational Styles

  • Motivators measures the seven universal dimensions of motivation that drive each of us:
    • Aesthetic, Economic, Individualistic, Political, Altruistic, Regulatory and Theoretical.
  • Whereas DISC predicts “How?” a person will behave, Motivators answers “Why?”

DISC and Motivators Combination Report

  • Motivators shows the values that drive our behavior and emotion.
  • When our DISC and MOTIVATORS are in alignment, we have personal synergy.

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) – Identify Emotional IQ Styles

  • The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) assessment helps users understand the correlation between the way they apply their current EIQ and the outcome of their interactions with others.

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) 360˚ Perception

  • Comparison Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) is all about how we recognize and manage our own emotions, and how we identify, understand and respond to the emotions of those around us in a way that builds mutually beneficial relationships.

DISC and EIQ-2 Combination Report

  • Bringing the DISC Styles and Emotional Intelligence Quotients together allows an examination of how each style embraces and expresses EIQ.

Core Competency Index Report

  • Are you a key contributor to the success of your organization? If your goal is to be a high value team member, the go-to person in your company, simply “putting in the time” isn’t going to cut it.

Learning Styles

  • The Learning Styles Questionnaire simply helps individuals understand their relative preferences as they learn and to better manage their transfer process in the future.

Leadership Effectiveness 360°

  • The Leadership Effectiveness 360 is an assessment that will identify:
  • Areas of strength and areas needing improvement associated with critical leadership competencies.
  • Allow you to see yourself as others see you.  / Guide you in developing a personalized leadership development plan.  / Serve as a benchmark in your leadership development.

Adding Zeros, A Teamwide 5 Disciplines Assessment

  • There are 5 Disciplines for exponential growth – learn how your executive team, your departments and your organization see performance in each of the Disciplines: Strategy / Business Development / People / Execution / Mission /then a Total.

Sales IQ Plus – A Sales Skills Test

  • Measure all 8 primary sales competencies: Connecting / Solving / Targeting / Preparing / Assessing / Assuring / Confirming / Managing
  • The Sales IQ Assessment is an objective analysis designed as a personalized map of your sales knowledge at this moment in time.

EACH OF THESE WORKSHOP’S COST: $295.00 per person (Group Rates Available)

COMMUNICATION – the biggest gap in business: Required: DISC Assessment test – (Included in the price of the seminar normally $72.50).  2-hour seminar with a DISC Certified Practitioner.

    1. Ideal for team building and increases effectiveness of workplace relationship

CLOSE MORE SALES – Maintaining rapport throughout the selling cycle. DISC Sales Assessment required. (Included in price of seminar normally $72.50). 2-hour seminar with a DISC Certified Practitioner.

    1. Ideal for sales reps, sales teams, business owners and entrepreneurs

LEADERSHIP – Position power vs. personal power – Learn how to turn mere compliance into real cooperation and results.   Required – DISC Leadership assessment.) Included in the price of the seminar normally $72.50). 2-hour seminar with a DISC Certified Practitioner.

    1. Ideal for anyone that leads a team – learn how to effectively lead different personalities and form productive teams.

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH – Effective communication throughout the service process – Required – DISC Service assessment. (Included in the price of the seminar normally $72.50). 2-hour seminar with a DISC Certified Practitioner.

    1. Ideal for customer service teams. You spent a small fortune on lead generation and a prospect is reaching out to your Customer Service Rep – what kind of experience will that prospect have?

COACHING – How to interact effectively for best team results. Required DISC coaching assessment. (Included in the price of the seminar normally $72.50). 2-hour seminar with a DISC Certified Practitioner.

    1. Ideal for leaders – this seminar provides specific insight into using DISC as a coach and gives suggestions for interacting with different DISC styles and from different DISC styles in five key coaching skills – Ask, Listen, Coach, Praise, and Challenge.

UNDERSTAND WHAT MOTIVATES YOU – Pursue the right opportunities for the right reasons. – Required – Motivators Assessment.) Included in the price of the seminar normally $72.50). 2-hour seminar with a DISC Certified Practitioner.

    1. Ideal for HR – hiring tool. Answers the WHY of behavior.

THE POWER STATEMENT – The ultimate sales tool in creating awareness.  Turn the prospect into a solid lead then customer. The ultimate tool in creating awareness. Pre-work required. 2-hour seminar.

    1. Ideal for sales teams for effective prospecting – we will create YOUR unique Power Statement.

ELIMINATE “GHOSTING” – The Discovery stage – the most important part of the sales process. Sales are not lost at the end but the beginning of the sales process. Take charge of the selling process. 3-hour seminar.

      1. Ideal for sales reps.  Learn how Discovery is the single most important part of the sales process.  You will transform to a professional sales hunter.

ADD S.P.I.C.E. TO YOUR SELLING PROCESS – Question based discovery – Situation – Implication – Cost Consequences – Explore solutions. 3-hour seminar.

    1. Conduct Sales Calls – Maintaining leadership during a sales call
    2. Professionally and effectively start a sales call – The Opening Statement
    3. Understanding the Buying Process – Where are you? Where is your customer? Are you in alignment?
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